The Weight Loss Struggle

We all struggle with different nutritional and health issues. I started a health and wellness business after overcoming some health issues I was faced with. I went from surviving to thriving! My passion was to help others attain a better quality of life through nutritional intervention.  Several years have gone by and I started working a full-time job, didn’t have time to commit to my business and let it all go.  My how I regret that decision. 

About me: I am a wife, mother of two beautiful, healthy adult children and a business owner. I started my business from a growing passion to help people get healthier after I struggled with my health. Several years ago I was in a poor state of health, on four different medications and morbidly obese. My feet hurt at the touch and my joints ached. I was miserable most of the time.

One day a friend introduced me to a dietary supplement that helped my family and I get more fruits and vegetables our daily diets. Knowing that my family and I did not get enough of these very important foods in our diet each day we decided to try it. We haven’t looked back since. My family and I have been healthier, rarely sick, have more energy, healthier hair and nails and the list goes on. It was the best decision we have made. We saw ourselves eating healthier too.

Fast forward a little, I decided to start my own business, Health 4 You, to help other families attain better health.

In my quest for better health I discovered a weight loss & health management program that helped me to lose 80 lbs and gain control over my eating habits. It has been an amazing journey. I have made many changes in my lifestyle over the past few years and I have a passion to help others have a healthier life.

If you know someone who needs help, share my contact information with them. You could change their life!



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